Modular space for schools

Modular space for schools

The room you need for inspiring young minds

It’s hard to predict the yearly ebb and flow in the number of students. Our flexible modular space solutions let you quickly make room for more bright young minds without ever compromising on building quality. We make adding space simple by taking responsibility for the whole process. Even the furniture and finer touches, if you want.

Our experts quickly design and build your new space, whether you need it for classrooms, a cafeteria, administrative offices or anything else. We've been building school premises for many years, so we know exactly what you and your students need to thrive. We also know the regulations inside/out. 

Renting a modular solution gives you advantages over permanent space by letting you quickly adapt to each incoming class. Our flexible solutions mean you can add or reduce whatever type of space you need whenever necessary.

Top marks:

  • Freedom in design, placement and rental period
  • We make sure all regulations are met
  • Reduce or expand as situation changes

If your students and teachers need a little more elbow room, we’d be happy to tell you more.