C90 - a new generation of modular space for schools, daycare, offices and accommodation. Developed in Scandinavia for Scandinavian conditions. The best ideas from 30 years in the business was taken into account when creating the C90. The module-type is characterized by modern design where functionality, working environment and energy consumption has been key.

To meet the very highest requirements for premises, we have developed the C90 modular system. This is for those who seek the best – modern technology, functional solutions and well-thought-out design mean that these are in the top class on the market. When we developed C90, our idea was that modular space should not just be as good as permanent buildings – they should be better.

The C90 system meets high international standards. These premises have a stylish exterior with granite grey façade units of a stone material and generous windows. They fit equally well in city environments of classic architecture or in green parkland.

Building upwards makes efficient use of space, an idea that we grasped when developing C90. The premises can be built up to three floors high, which mean they achieve the maximum size, even on a limited site. This enables you to place them right up to your existing buildings, maintaining nearness to other parts of the organisation.

C90 has also been developed for even more efficient handling in assembly and dismantling. This reduces both costs and delivery times, because we can complete the premises you rent faster.

C90 gives you premises with the best in technology and innovation. The system is energy efficient in the real meaning of the concept. High quality, multi-layer insulation and heat exchangers mean that these premises use no more energy than the latest new buildings. This can be complemented with energy-saving functions such as lighting controlled by motion sensors.

C90 can be heated directly with electricity or with radiators. A water-based radiator system is especially suitable for organisations with an environmental profile, since it can give more sustainable use of energy. A water-based radiator system enables the use of energy sources such as district heating, pellets, air/water heat pumps etc.

With C90 you can ensure a functional and high-class working environment – corresponding to the most stringent working environment requirements found today.

Thanks to efficient lighting combined with lots of natural light, you get a light and inviting working environment. Project-designed ventilation – with or without air conditioning – gives a comfortable interior climate. All windows have sun-protection glass, and the (optional) air conditioning combined with functional sun screening means you can achieve the best interior climate possible during the warmer times of the year.

For an office you are free to choose between many different layouts and room sizes, whether you wish to have individual offices or an open-plan layout. You can also add interview rooms, meeting and conference rooms, coffe room with kitchen and/or pantry, storage space, libraries, print rooms, computer rooms, rest rooms and changing rooms with showers for the exercise-minded. Room sizes can be varied to make the best possible use of space.

For schools you may choose classrooms from 50 to 65 square metres. The classrooms share a common corridor, which makes it easy to move around indoors throughout the premises. Other rooms you can choose include workplaces for teachers and educators, activity rooms, group and meeting rooms, rest rooms, changing rooms with showers, storage rooms and much else.

For daycare we have taken extra care of  the young children's needs. Among other things, with pinch protected doors, low-floor toilets and low temperature radiators that prevents children from burning themselves. Playroom, rooms for sleep and rest as well as space for administration and storage. With the C90 we can offer daycare up to three storeys high.

We offer professional catering solutions that can easily be integrated with C90. Contact us to find out more.

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Product Facts

Building construction

The static calculations and fire safety design of the C90 modular system allow for buildings up to three storeys high.

Load bearing system

Foundation Timber foundation or Leca stone on concrete slab with 3-storey construction. Roof construction: Designed for snow zone III Fire class REI 60 U value: 0.12  Wall construction: Fire class REI 60 U value: 0.15  Façade: Fibre cement façade sheets Floor framework: Fire class REI 30 U value = 0.15 Permitted load 2.5 kN/m2


Fixed and opening windows. All windows have sun-protection glass, which limits inward heat radiation and creates a more even and comfortable interior climate. Exterior blinds are also available as an option to reduce heat even more. U value: 0.78

Exterior doors

Aluminium doors 15-21, double doors U value: 1.5

Interior doors

Solid doors EI30 35db with pinch protection and rubber seals behind.

Door frames

Door frames in contrast colours

Stairs in stairwell

Steel stairs with stainless steel handrail. First and last step in contrast colours.


Ceiling:  NCS 0502Y Walls: Glassfibre weave G100 NCS 0500-N

Floor coverings

Rooms: 2.0 mm linoleum, grey. Class Cfl-s1  WC: 2.0 mm homogeneous plastic matting, grey  HWC: 2.0 mm homogeneous non-slip plastic matting, grey

Sound absorption

Acoustic ceilings are fitted throughout to minimize reverberation time and create a good working environment.


The building is heated by direct electricity. Central, wireless heating control with a night-reduction function is available as an option.  As an alternative, a water-based radiator system is available with heat source in the form of a heat pump or district heating.  


All light fittings are fitted directly against the ceiling and are equipped with motion sensors and pull switches.


The modules are ventilated with a ventilation unit located in the technical/WC module.  The ventilation units have energy-saving fan motors for ventilation and extraction, efficient air filters, rotating heat exchangers for heat recovery, integral cooling functions and electrical or water-based post-heating units.


Central distribution box max 180A for connection to technical modules up to three storeys and elevator, located at rear of technical module. Each technical module has an integral distribution box, max 63A. The module contains energy meters for heating and ventilation, earth fault breakers and automatic fuses. The kitchen/changing room module (S module) has an integral 16A distribution box. Electricity is distributed to adjacent modules and the S module via channelling in the angle between ceiling and wall. Wago type rapid coupling. Electrical sockets in outer walls. Socket pillars are available as an accessory.


The technical module can be supplied with 2-4 toilets, depending on the nature and needs of the organisation. The handicap WC meets requirements for access for persons in electric wheelchairs with limited outdoor use.