As comfortable for the planet as it is for people

One of our newest modular units, the C80 creates optimal indoor comfort while being highly energy efficient.

Both are accomplished in large part thanks to high quality materials and construction that create top notch insulation. Beyond the benefits for people and planet, it's kind to your wallet with its low operating costs.

The C80 is intended for relatively short term rental periods (around one year), most often as quick extra space for schools, daycares or offices.

You can even rent furniture and all of the interior accessories that make your space fully functional as soon as you're handed the keys. If that sounds right for you, you can include it all in your rental agreement.

When you need a short term space solution and need it quick, get in touch to learn how the C80 could be the solution you're looking for.

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Product Facts

C80 is a very high quality module system for several years of use. The modules meet the requirements of fire class P2 (facade materials are non-combustible Class A materials), the materials are resistant to wear and use and emit zero emissions (emission class M1, no mineral wool structures etc.).

Unlike the other, for short-term rental products on the market, the C80 system is very energy efficient . The U-values of the building fulfill the regulations for a permanent building. Also, the system comes standard-equipped with centralized ventilation system with a powerful heat recovery system . The energy consumption for individual parts such as ventilation, heating, lighting etc. can be measured separately, which fulfills current requirements for permanent buildings.

As an option this already well-equipped system is available for waterborne heating and cooling. The module types are very flexible and can easily be transformed according to need. For example, a daycare unit can be changed to a classroom in no time, thanks to the smart transferable walls. Moreover, the space efficiency factor is high with very little non-useful space, thereby increasing system cost efficiency. The ideal rental period for this system is 24 months and onwards.