Combine and customize cost-effective and flexible modules however you like

The flexible C30 modular system lets you design the perfect solution whether you need space for a short-term project or for several years. They’re easy to build on any hard surface and can be expanded or reduced whenever necessary to meet shifting needs.

Based on thousands of projects, we can assure you the C30 system can be fashioned into a great new location for an office, a daycare, a school or almost any other type of temporary locale.

The C30 modules can be assembled into a variety of different types of rooms. We guide you in customizing a floor plan that suits the people who will be using the space. Our experts’ have a great depth of knowledge of how traffic flows through different types of buildings and can help you plan ahead for all their needs.

The C30 system may be a cost-effective option, but you get high-quality space that can withstand harsh environments while keeping its occupants nice and comfortable inside.


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Product Facts

The C30 is a portable and quick -to-install module-system in a cost- effective solution to solve sudden space needs. The ideal rental period is usually 6 to 24 months. The system is suitable for example as schools, daycare centers and office use. The C30 system is, as the other Cramo Adapteos system products, a highly customizable way to increase or decrease the amount of modules, depending on client’s needs. If necessary, it can be changed even during the rental period.

The C30-modules come standard-equipped with electric heating and lighting. All classrooms have inlet and exhaust ventilation with a heat recovery system, toilets with exhaust ventilation and other facilities with natural ventilation. The C30 system is also available for example with underfloor heating and office rooms can be equipped with individual ventilation, if needed.

C30 system elements are of the best -in-class energy efficiency in Finland. Unlike the other products on the market, the wooden frame and polyurethane thermal insulation is used for the prevention of thermal bridges.