Bjertnes High school in modules

As a result of an agreement with Akershus Fylkeskommune Cramo Adapteo was asked to build a temporary school due to planned renovation and maintenance of the entire Bjertnes high school.  The school serves 450 students from the age of 16 – 19 years and would require 25 classrooms, kitchen for the students, electrician tutoring facilities as well as offices, conference rooms and a reception.

This is the single biggest project Cramo Adapteo Norge has undertaken so far and the complexity of the project was challenging in many ways.

A total of 119 modules were to be assembled - equal to more than 3100 sqm – and divided into 6 separate buildings. There was not much time and the area was very limited and close to the existing school.  The logistic was challenging, but through excellent project management and construction planning all buildings were finished and ready for use before school started in august – as promised.

The project leader Jahn Svingen from Cramo Adapteo is particularly  proud of the good work ethic during this period . No registered HSQ (Health Safety and Quality) incidences were reported during the entire project.

By the time school started, we could welcome everyone to a brand “new” school, equipped and ready to fullfil the needs of it’s students and teachers.

Efficient ventilation and sunscreens ensure good indoor climate and the school is pleased with the result:

Administrative manager of the school Thomas Weisser-Svendsen elaborates: «So far the modules are working well. The large classrooms are bright and spacious although the smaller ones are a bit narrow and long. The office section in the main building is a good place to work;  good lighting - nice and pleasant.  A few challenges along the way, but these have been solved during the process and we are happy with the result”   

Property manager in AFK Jorun Henriksen says: «…Due to a large maintenance job at Bjertnes high school we saw the need for a temporary school facility for the semester 2017 / 2018.  We have had a good cooperation with Cramo Adapteo both during the planning process as well as throughout the entire project”