Accommodation in modules

Accommodation in modules

Cramo Adapteo has a clear vision for accommodation

Our vision is to deliver different types of solutions for different situations. From small studio-type rooms with individual toilets/showers and tea kitchens, single or double rooms with shared facilities for hygiene and cooking or 1-4 room apartments for families.


Example Germany – Refugee solution in Grosskrotzenburg for 100 persons  

This 1,600 square meter accommodation premise is located in Grosskrotzenburg some 30 km from Frankfurt. It includes a two-story wooden facility built from more than 50 units of the new C90-type. This wooden module system is designed to suit both small and large families and individuals. The residents share a communal kitchen with a lounge. Washing machines and dryers are available in each group area. A high degree of energy efficiency is achieved via thick walls, good insulation and triple-glass windows. District heating provide heating to the building which is both economical and environmentally sound.  In addition an efficient ventilation provide fresh air in every part of the building. To provide a high degree of safety the building is equipped with a fire alarm system and escape route lighting and exterior lighting.


Example Denmark- Allerød Kommune

Allerød Municipality has set up pavilion buildings to refugees in several places. They currently have about 90 modules. Some comments and reflexions from of Karina Jenson, Allerød Municipality

“Generally, we have been very pleased with the chosen pavilion solutions and cooperation with Cramo Adapteo. Everything has been running as it should, and due to the excellent cooperation with Cramo Adapteos project manager, I have saved a lot of time out on the site, says Karina Jensen from Allerød Municipality.

To start with we went to scan the market to find a supplier that could help us. Cramo Adapteo had the best offer financially and was elected. Subsequently, it has been found that they are also a good speaking partner. We were facing some challenges with a different user behavior in our homes for refugees and together we have  found a functional solution. The solutions we have received for our projects around Allerød Municipality, fully live up to our expectations and we must say that Cramo Adapteo fully have lived up to our wishes, says Karina Jensen. Cramo Adapteo comply with the deadlines and the time horizon of the various projects we have, and deliver in accordance with our expectations. In economic terms, Cramo Adapteo is competitive. Obviously, we have continuously checked the prices and each time has Cramo Adapteo been the most competitive while the quality is right. I would be happy to do business again with  Cramo Adapteo, of or when the need arises”, concludes Karina Jensen.


Example Sweden - Refugee accommodation
Much attention has been paid to a create welcoming and light atmosphere to this 40 bedroom solution in C90-units for single youths. Complete with kitchen, laundry and common areas, in total 950 sqm.