Cramo Adapteo & Nordic Modular Group join forces
Cramo Group has completed the acquisition of Nordic Modular Group (NMG). This merger creates a leading Pan-European player in the industry, combining decades of experience and know-how in Modular Space manufacturing, Rental and Sales.
Nurmijärvi Yhteiskoulu School
In autumn 2017, two large Cramo Adapteo buildings were delivered to the Nurmijärvi Yhteiskoulu School, which is currently under renovation. A separate classroom designed to maintain clean indoor air was established in the facilities.
Cramo’s acquisition of Nordic Modular Group approved
The Swedish Competition Authority has approved Cramo’s acquisition of the Swedish-based Nordic Modular Group Holding AB (“Nordic Modular Group”), which entails that the transaction can be completed.
Extra space delivered quickly for the students in Tiirismaa school
Due to problems with indoor air quality in the permanent buildings, Tiirismaa school in Lahti, Finland has been operating in Cramo Adapteo modular facilities since 2016. For this year, the school needed more space due to an increased number of pupils.
Modules from Cramo Adapteo at Big science project in Lund
ESS, the state-of-the-art Big Science project in Lund, Sweden, using temporary offices from Cramo Adapteo
Aida cruise days
State of the art modular space building for AIDA Cruises at the Cruise Days event in Hamburg. Cramo Adapteo assembled on behalf of the EAST END agency a three-storey event pavilion for the AIDA Cruise ship company.
Bjertnes High school
The entire Bjertnes high school in Nittedal, 30 km north of Oslo, is now in modules from Cramo Adapteo.
Introducing Cramo Draw
Cramo Draw is a web-based software for creating and testing your own Project. Smart and intuitive!
See how a module is made - the Video
Follow how a modern and sustainable wooden module is made. See the high degree of wood, the strong glue beams, three-layer insulation and the centralized ventilation system that delivers fresh air in every room. From forest to a turn-key solution for use as daycare, school, office or accommodation.
High demand for accommodation
2016 is the year when temporary accommodation has started to grow in several markets. The new immigrant situation has been very challenging for many municipalities in their search for space. But not only accommodation for refugees has been in demand. Private companies also request space for accommodating staff for short or long term in camps. Or students or senior citizens or when renovating residential buildings. The needs are many and so are the solutions.