GDPR - Data Protection Regulation

For us it is important to safeguard our customers' personal integrity. Read more about our privacy policy and how to find out what personal information may be about you and how to correct or remove them.

Cramo Adapteo´s privacy policy 

Cramo Adapteo protects its Customers personal privacy. This data protection policy explains how Cramo collects and uses the Customer's personal data. It also describes Customer's rights to Cramo Adapteo and how the Customer can assert their rights.

Cramo Adapteo is to be considered as a personal data controller, according to GDPR, for the processing of personal data that Cramo performs in respect of Agreements signed with Cramo Adapteo´s Customers.

As a Data Responsible, Cramo Adapteo is required to process current personal data in accordance with the GDPR and other applicable laws and regulations at any time.

In cases where Customer's personal data is also handled by a supplier to Cramo Adapteo, for the purpose below, Cramo Adapteo's supplier has corresponding obligations regarding the processing of personal data that you as a customer have agreed with us, as stated in Cramo Adapteo's personal data agreement with the applicable supplier.

In cases where Cramo Adapteo can be considered as a personal data counselor, Cramo Adapteo has the corresponding obligations as a relevant personal data responsible directly agreed with its customers or representatives.


By entering into an agreement with Cramo Adapteo, the Customer agrees that Cramo Adapteo collects, stores, processes and uses personal data for customer's performance, management of the lease, organization and planning of Cramo Adapteo 's work, preparation of reports and statistics as well as marketing activities (unless requested by direct mail).
The Customer also agrees that personal data may be transferred to third countries (ie non-EU / EEA countries) for the above purposes.
The Customer shall also ensure that there is a valid consent or other legal basis for processing for the above purposes for any personal information that Customer provides to Cramo Adapteo within the framework of the Agreement.
For marketing, Cramo Adapteo may also contact Customer by email unless the customer expressly denied it.


If personal data is processed within the framework of the Agreement for which Cramo Adapteo is a personally responsible personally responsible person, the Customer shall be Cramo Adapteo's Personal Data Counselor for such personal data.

Therefore, the Customer undertakes to comply with applicable law, the terms of the Agreement and Cramo Adapteo's ongoing instructions for processing personal data.

Cramo has the right to control the processing of personal data performed by the Customer and to gain access to premises and computer equipment, etc. to the extent necessary for this purpose.

The Customer shall also allow the inspections that the Data Inspectorate or other interested party may require for the proper handling of personal data.


Each registered person is entitled to receive, once a year, information about the personal data of this person treated by Cramo Adapteo and for whom Cramo Adapteo is the person responsible for personal information by contacting Cramo trough the form on the web site.
Each registered person is also entitled to request that personal data be deleted or that any incorrect personal information may be corrected.
Deletion of personal data cannot be made if required to fulfill the agreement or other local or European law, court or government decision states otherwise, and if it is based on interest-weighting.
In some cases, you also have the right to data portability of your personal data.
You also have the right to withdraw a consent, make complaints about the processing to the Data Inspectorate, automatically oppose decision making, profiling and opposing direct marketing.