Modular space for daycare

Modular space for daycare

Tailored to little needs

When you’ve got an excess of little ones crawling off in every direction, add space quickly with modular units built to the same standards as permanent buildings. Experts with a great depth of experience in designing and building facilities for small children take care of every step of the process. 

With minimal time and effort you get fresh, comfortable new rooms for all your daycare needs including nurseries, play areas, rest rooms, admin offices and more. Plus, you have the advantage of a flexible solution that allows you to add or subtract space as your needs change.

Top reasons to smile: 

  • Lots of options for adding touches to both interior and exterior
  • Freedom in design, placement and rental period
  • We make sure all regulations are met 

If you have too many rugrats and not enough room, get in touch to learn more.