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Modular space for

Add new homes in no time

Our modular units are an ideal solution when you’ve got people who need a place to stay in a hurry. But we don’t just design and build your solution fast – we turn flexible modules into fully functional and warmly welcoming homes. From small studio-type rooms with individual toilets/showers and tea kitchens, single or double rooms with shared facilities for hygiene and cooking or 1-4 room apartments for families.

Our range of modules can be arranged and customized to provide everything occupants need. That could include a cosily furnished common area that branches off to a kitchen, launderette, bedrooms and more.

Whether you have incoming students to house, workers at a building site (camp) or need quick group accommodation, you can rely on our specialists to design and build a space they’re happy to inhabit.

Top things to come home to:

  • Add and arrange whatever type of rooms you need
  • Flexible solutions that’s perfect for rapidly changing situation
  • We take responsibility for whole process, including regulations

If you've got people who need a place to stay, get in touch to learn how we can help.